5G and the Future: How it Changes the Way We Live

5G opens a door to build a next-gen connected world with seamless movement of people and objects. It is taking shape in the coming years, from mobile application to seamless transportation, towards the ultimate destination of creating a liveable smart city.

What possibilities will 5G bring to future mobility experiences and the design of liveable smart cities? In the new ecosystems, what are the emerging trends and solutions empowered by 5G that we should know about?

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Remarks: Cantonese, Putonghua and English simultaneous interpretation services will be provided for this session.

Session Info

Aug 28

HKG 香港 12:30 (GMT+8) / LDN 倫敦 05:30 / NYC 紐約 00:30


Anna Yip

SmarTone ∙ Former CEO ∙ HK

Jens-Peter Brauner

Siemens Mobility Limited ∙ CEO ∙ HK

Gary Yeung

Smart City Consortium ∙ President | Techture Limited ∙ Chief Executive Officer ∙ HK


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