Ghost Trends 2020: Making Sense of an Elusive World

Change happens fast — leaving us seemingly caught unaware. We talk about planning for black swans. Yet, the Covid19 pandemic is demonstrating that directional signals were always there as ghosts to heed and help us get ahead of a crisis. We had the language in place for innovation. Now the sustainability of our innovations is being tested. This is a call to adaptability. We can plan our way forward from this moment in history. Emerging in a better place requires bringing abstract thought into focus.

Jaclyn will chat with Tim to explore future scenarios – from business to city planning, food system to travel – through consumer anthropology and data science. They will discuss how to make sense of the trends and shifts and leverage the insights to innovate and stay ahead in these complex times.
Remarks: This session will be conducted in English.

Session Info

Aug 26

HKG 香港 21:00 (GMT+8) / LDN 倫敦 14:00 / NYC 紐約 09:00


Tim Stock

scenarioDNA ∙ Co-founder / Managing Partner ∙ US


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