Rethinking Digital Transformation: The Role of Design

We are living in the age of new ecosystems, shaped and empowered by digital technologies. Amid the greatest crisis of our time, digital transformation takes on a sense of urgency and necessity.

How can we leverage and accelerate digital transformation to design better human experience, business and cities and, most importantly, to tackle global challenges of today and tomorrow?

Abstract of Presentation

Clive GrinyerData, the New Material for Designing Services and Experiences

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution and data is the new oil. The opportunities are immense, but so are the dangers. As we craft new digital experiences, the tools of design will help ensure that the opportunities are desirable, as well as viable and feasible. Free of bias, providing seamless access to choice and personalisation, Clive will share how we can rise to the challenge of designing exceptional and successful experiences and exploit the potential of our digital futures.

David ChowBuilding the Cognitive Enterprise for AI-powered Innovation

A new era of business reinvention is dawning. Organisations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, Internet of Things, 5G and edge computing become pervasive, their combined impact will reshape standard business architectures and drive innovation. David from IBM will share this concept and some proven experiences to put this into reality.

Strategic Design Innovation Partner

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Remarks: Cantonese, Putonghua and English simultaneous interpretation services will be provided for this session.

Session Info

Aug 26

HKG 香港 16:00 (GMT+8) / LDN 倫敦 09:00 / NYC 紐約 04:00


Clive Grinyer

Clivegrinyer ∙ Design Consultant | Royal College of Art ∙ Head of Service Design ∙ UK

David Chow

IBM ∙ General Manager and Partner, Global Business Services – Hong Kong ∙ HK

Selena Xu

EY wavespace™ ∙ Service Design Director ∙ HK