Mapping Experience Design: How Do China’s Consumers Think?

The pandemic has accelerated the move to online. China’s digital economy, in particular, has seen a surge amidst the lockdown. It has become critical for brands and retailers to design and create a seamless, personalised and delightful customer journey across all touchpoints, digital or in-store, in the wake of the crisis.

Let’s hear from the design gurus about the state of experience design in China and ways to captivate increasingly digital savvy consumers in the Mainland China.

Abstract of Presentation

Jason Huang

Nowadays two topics are extremely hot in China – Consumption Upgrade and Digital Transformation. All brands are trying hard to catch up with the digital economy and the changing needs of younger generations. New Chinese brands from a variety of industries are also rising to compete. Jason Huang will share his thinking and best practices regarding how brands should approach and drive experience innovations in China. He will share the inspiring stories of eXperience Economy for both international and local brands, such as Xiaoguan Cha, NIO, Watson’s and Amway.

Brand Leadership Partner

Virtual Experience Partner

Remarks: This session will be conducted in English.

Session Info

Aug 27

HKG 香港 21:25 (GMT+8) / LDN 倫敦 14:25 / NYC 紐約 09:25


Jason Huang

TANG UX ∙ Creator of X Thinking, Founder & CEO ∙ Mainland China

Simon Mitchell

Sybarite ∙ Co-founder ∙ UK

Jonathan Cummings

Landor & FITCH Group ∙ President, Greater China ∙ HK


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