Masterclass: Open Sourcing Leadership

By drawing on The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design’s extensive projects and case studies, the masterclass will explore how the three key values of ‘Empathy’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Creativity’ can inspire creative leadership and innovation that brings benefits at personal, professional and organisational levels. Research on Creative Leadership by the Centre shows that these three attributes are widely recognised as baseline operational and leadership values. In an interactive and open format, participants will also be invited to co-create new models of leadership.

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design is the largest and longest-running centre for design research at the Royal College of Art in London, the world’s leading art and design university.

This masterclass is based on tried and tested methods developed with businesses, drawing on expertise The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design has acquired while delivering over 280 projects for clients ranging from businesses, the government and the third sector. The masterclass will include examples of real-world case studies of Creative Leadership in action. The focus on the three core attributes of ‘Empathy’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Creativity’ establishes a holistic proposition for personal and organisational development previously unmet by design management, creative strategy and leadership courses. The course will include a combination of teaching blocks (lectures) and interactive group exercises, with feedback from facilitators.

Target participants:
Chief design officers; mid-to-senior level management; in-house R&D teams; business developers; sales, marketing and design teams; entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs; anyone from the creative industries; talent consultants; traditional services, e.g. finance, accounting, IT, law, etc.; government and civil service; public sector and NGOs. No prior design or leadership background required.

Participants will learn to recognise and address the need for ‘Empathy’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Creativity’ in their interactions with colleagues, clients and partners and understand the value of these leadership attributes in ideation, research and project delivery.

Length: 30 mins technical set-up + 2.5 hours workshop
Format: Remote workshop through video conferencing platform and visual collaboration tools
Group size: 20 participants
Language: The workshop will be conducted in English. Participants should speak fluent English.
Registration: Limited quota available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each enrolment admits one participant with one device only.


Strategic Design Innovation Partner

Session Info

Aug 29

HKG 香港 16:00 (GMT+8) / LDN 倫敦 09:00 / NYC 紐約 04:00


Ninela Ivanova

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